December 10, 2010


The relationship I’ve had with the workplace I’ve known for the last 4 years has been personal and intense.  During that time I fell in love so many times:  with the company, with the person who delivered me my first heartbreak, with the passion behind the mission to make the greatest beer in the world, with our consumers, with the passion in general, with what will become my future career path.  I decided to leave this place; the decision was impossible and correct.  I’m grieving, and I’m happy.  I’ll start what I hope to be my next love affair on December 20th, developing and commercializing beverages of all kinds.  I will do what I love doing, in a city I’ll have to re-discover in order to love.  I have some wonderful people here – I’m not worried.


I just got home from a date.  It was a strange date, in that he mainly talked about past dates he’s been on that have been humorously disastrous.  He was nice enough and his stories were entertaining enough to get me through my two drinks, though I did suggest he start his own “bad-date blog” so his future prospects may read about his adventures during their free time and as a result of their own free will.

Anyway, my reason for writing, beyond the life-changing news and the semi-atrocious date, is this:

Today, I have also made the transition to, thanks to meeting several guys from a free website who can’t afford to pay for their own beer (coincidence?)  and thanks to the convincing persuasions of a trusted friend.  That said, I will leave you with the first message I received.  It’s from Zaid, who says he wants “a warm-hearted, clean, attractive lady who will let me treat her ‘like a princess’ forever”.  Unedited, except I did remove his last name for his own sake:

“I saw your profile and I am very interested in learning more about you, please respond with whatever information you feel is what you would want to know, if you were me. As for myself, I am working hard to learn the restaurant business, and will be opening my own restaurant business here in the Boston area, in the near future. I love Boston-it is now my permanent home. My professional pool player status(you may google my name-Zaid T., I am ranked #1 in Jordan, also, # 1 in the middle east, and # 14 in the world in 2009). What best serves my long term goals of ‘wife & family’, is a career that will provide the financial means to support my future family-too much traveling internationally if I continue my career as a professional pool player! Also, unfortunately, the money in playing professional pool is not anywhere near the compensation paid to other professional sports players. After having made many analysis of where and how I can accomplish my goals, I am now working in the restaurant business, as this is my present focus-a specialty fast food restaurant. However, finding the right girl to be with, for the rest of my life, is of even greater importance. This is why I am interested in knowing more about you. I am looking for a sincere, attractive person that has the same values as myself. I am an honest, clean-cut, gentle & caring person who enjoys having good laughs & good times with someone special. I have many interests to include being with family, good food, traveling, long walks, movies, tv, the beach, & quiet times.
I have just let you know who & what I am, although I am more concerned ABOUT YOU. I am anxious to hear from you…
Kind regards,
Zaid T.”


I am a dating machine

August 17, 2010

It’s true.  I had two dates last week, two this week (one is a second date), and two that are not yet scheduled but will be happening at some point.

Date One last week was with this guy named Chris (I almost typed Christ) who took me to a Nationals game.  His friend is a pitcher for them, so we got to sit in the Diamond Club, where all the players’ wives, girlfriends, and children sit.  And anyone who wants to spend $150 on a Nationals ticket (ridiculous).  That was the best part about the date.  Let’s just say he looked like an Oompa Loompa and walked with his stomach.  He called this weekend to ask me out again and said he had a really good time (really?  I did all the talking).  I did not call him back.

Date Two from last week (he is also Date Two this week) took me to Brickskeller for beers.  He knew what a milk stout was, and he brews his own beer.  Also, he likes Sam Adams (Megan!).  He is a little awkward nerdy, but I’ll chalk it up to nervousness.  He suggested many awesome restaurants for date 2, including Rasika and Me Jana, but it’s Restaurant Week and it’s impossible to get reservations/there would be way too many people.  So we are going to an Italian restaurant that has his favorite pizza in the city, and also where his grandparents had their first date.  AWESOME DATE IDEA!  (No sarcasm, I promise, I think it’s totally cute.)  I looked it up on Yelp and apparently it has red and white checked tablecloths and drippy candles.  Actually really excited.

Tonight I am meeting up with some guy named Oliver, possibly only because his name is Oliver.  Either way, he picked a good spot for drinks (Eighteenth Street Lounge) that I’ve been wanting to check out.  I possibly have a date with this other guy named Seth, but we haven’t picked a day yet.  And I am going to go out with Jewboy (his name is Harris Rubin, I am not even kidding you) next week when he gets back from vacation.  I decided it’s okay to like him and I am looking forward to seeing him/making out with someone.

June Something. Early in the month. Meg.

The 3rd Date. Michael.

We’re going to Toro! My favorite spot. If he’s terrible, at least I’ll enjoy my cocktail. I think I’ll go early so I can enjoy at least one cocktail in the peace of my own company.

Parking the car….oh I hope that’s not him! Have a feeling it’s him. No no, I’m being paranoid.

Barkeep, something with Mezcal and grapefruit, please. Oh! Delicious. Must remember: 2 parts mezcal, 1 part each of grapefruit juice, agave, lime, and Aperol. Is that him, lurking outside the restaurant!?

That must be him. Same guy I saw when parking the car. He’s now paced back and forth in front of the door at least 4 times, now remaining motionless, cell phone in hand, waiting for it to not be too early to arrive. Grow a pair. If you’re early, and don’t care to walk around town, go inside and buy yourself a drink dude. Or at least realize the lonesome redhead at the bar is probably the girl you’re meeting, so either go inside and get this over with, or get out of the damn doorway because you look like a fool.

Finally. An introduction, 10 minutes too early. Sadly, he speaks the way he writes – several typos in each line. That’s okay, I haven’t been drinking lately and the mezcal is strong….

Oh, so you live with your parents and your twin brother? How nice. Just to clarifiy, you’re about 36, right? You must really like your home town. What’ll you have? Great choice, the short ribs are fantastic! I’ll have the fois gras and the bone marrow. Oh! You’ve never heard of fois gras? Maybe that’s because your mom never made it at home? Try it! Oh I see…. I guess I should have guessed, you’re unwilling to try new things. I love how you cut all your meat at one time to avoid having to go back to that pesky knife! That’s a really efficient tactic. You’ve never been out of the country? Don’t you want to? Oh. I think I’m ready to pay the check. Let’s split it.

Barkeep, you’ve been unbelievable. You’ve allowed me to remain charming and chatty under circumstances that usually have me rolling my eyes under my breath with frustration and boredom. You’re a genius.

Wait – you want to do this again sometime? Do what? I’ll let you know.